Situation Report

Friends, Romans, Conscripts and Fellow Travelers,

On behalf of the Planning Committee, I humbly submit the following report. By the numbers:

  • 25 registered players as of today (which means five slots remaining!)
    Of the 25 players:
  • Eight self-report as “Advanced” (meaning they win more than they lose).
  • Eleven self-report as “Intermediate” (meaning they win as much as they lose).
  • Five want to play Starter Kit
    … and naturally there’s always ‘that guy’ who didn’t complete the registration correctly, so we don’t know his rating.
  • Five players are traveling from outside the Baltimore/DC area to play and will be staying at the hotel.
  • Eight dice glasses sold.
  • Five weeks before the Tournament!

We have Sponsors!

On behalf of the DC Conscripts ASL Club, the Tournament Committee expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors of this year’s tournament. To learn more, visit our sponsors page.

They’re Here!

Dice Glass for 2022

They’re in!

The Logistics Committee is delighted to report that Central Factory #1 has completed this year’s production of dice glasses, and our allotment has arrived!

This year’s design features the WW2 Italian light machine gun, the Breda Model 30 , and our DC Conscripts club logo. A very attractive script memorializes the dates of this year’s tournament. They also feature our patented dual-use technology, which means they can be used for rolling dice (pictured above) or drowning your sorrows after the game with the beverage of your choice! (Note that in this configuration they are called “rocks glasses”).

We have only a limited quantity. Be sure to order yours when you register.

The Countdown Begins…

A couple of important announcements:

  1. We have only 21 18 17 slots remaining, so don’t put off signing up. Be sure to claim your registration here!
  2. Glasses are coming have arrived! One of our most popular items is the ‘rocks glass’. Each glass is unique for the year and proudly displays the logo for the tournament and tournament dates, thereby making it an instant keepsake. It’s great for drowning your sorrows after your game, but some people buy them just for rolling dice! Once these glasses sell out, we aren’t ordering any more so be sure to get yours on the registration page.
The highly valued and coveted rocks glass from 2020. What will the glass for this year look like? Check back soon!

We Have a Venue!

Conscripts and Fellow Travelers!

After an extensive search, the Logistics Committee settled on the Tysons Courtyard Marriott at 1960-A Chain Bridge Rd McLean VA 22102 (Tysons Corner, Virginia) as the location of the 2022 HUMAN WAVE. The Central Committee, in the February Executive Session, approved the recommendation unanimously and directed the Logistics and Finance Committees to make all necessary arrangements to secure the venue.

In the view of the Central Committee, this venue has the benefits of:

  • Location — at the heart of Tysons Corner, less than a mile away from I-495, Metrorail, and two of the region’s largest shopping malls, Tysons 1 and Tysons 2 “the Galleria”. This provides convenient access from Maryland and points north as well as Virginia and the I-95 corridor.
  • The game room has more than enough space to easily accommodate 30 players while maintaining social distancing requirements.
  • Reasonably-priced game room and accommodations (for the DC area, that is) . Food and drink are available in the hotel and nearby.
  • *New for this year* Family-friendly location! Play ASL while your family engages in its bourgeoisie wishes at the malls and takes in the sights of nearby Washington DC!
  • Block room rate of *only* $89 / night available until June 8. To make a reservation, contact the Hotel directly at 703/790-0207 and say you’re coming to the DC Conscripts HUMAN WAVE.

Behold the luxury of such capitalist accommodations!

Courtyard Marriott
Gaming area
View of the Gaming Area
Gaming area
Expanded view of the gaming area

News From the Front

Conscripts and Fellow Travelers,

After a successful round of propagandizing, we have had a burst of sign-ups for the tournament. As of this writing, we have only 25 slots remaining. Get your slot — before someone else does! Sign up on the Registration page, above.

What about the Scenarios?

The scenario list for the 2022 HUMAN WAVE will be published sometime this spring. We are waiting to check the play balance of the scenarios that ship with Hollow Legions before putting the list together. Stay tuned!