Scenario List for 2022 (v3)

The Central Committee has decided to continue with the theme-based approach for each round. We strive to present tournament-style, balanced scenarios from a variety of publishers. Therefore we are happy to offer you with the following list of approved scenarios for the 2022 HUMAN WAVE.

Round 1: “Mare Italiano” — North Africa and the Mediterranean

FT239: Armored Probe at Sidi-Nsir

DB012: First Clash in Tunisia

265: Men of the Mountains

FT225: Blue Hell at P.A. Abries

FT227: Damsels in Distress

Round 2: “For the Glory of Rome” — Colonial Wars

SP32: Over Open Sights

J127: Messervy’s Men

FT229: A Push in the Bush

259: The Wells of Borgut

FT231: Cub Cub Hills

Round 3: “Sons of Italy” — Allied vs Italians in Italy

J 20: The Guns of Naro

FrF29: Sting of the Italian Hornet

FT256: Radio X-MAS

53: A High Price to Pay

55: Retribution

Round 4: “Kampf um Italien”

A 93: Faugh A Ballagh!

180: The T-Patchers

BoF19: Bite of the Bassotto

178: The Niscemi-Biscari Highway


ROMA2: Second Hand News

J51: Canicatti

AP17: The Valley of Death

J130: The Art of Dying

AP79: Rude Mood

AP127: The First Virtue

WO25.: The Replacements

WO29: Panda Avenged

Starter Kit

Here is the scenario list for the SK tournament.

S14 88s At Zon
S57 Haase To Hold On

S31 Going To New York!
S86 Going Commando

S42 One More Hedgerow
S51 Enter The Young

S54 Operation Natzmer
S72 Stretched Thin At Altavilla

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