It’s Official!

After considerable discussion and negotiations with the hotel, we are using the same location in 2023 as we did in 2022, the Tysons Corner Marriott at 1960-A Chain Bridge Rd in McLean VA 22102!

We are confirmed for the dates Friday July 7, 2023, to Sunday July 9, 2023. Mark your calendars now! Those of you who like plan ahead can even book your room now using our special group rate of $89/night. Last day to book at this rate is Wednesday, June 7, 2023. See you there!


This is an official Announcement:

First: The Central Committee has decided that the theme for the HUMAN WAVE 2023 will be — you guessed it — Human Waves in the “East” and the “Far East”. Scenarios will feature fighting on the East Front (Germany vs Russia) and the Far East (Japan vs USA).

Second: In light of the very positive feedback, the Logistics Committee is working to secure the same venue for next year. “Negotiations” are underway and the Committee is confident of a favorable outcome. The appropriate persons have been informed about rations and — as we are informed — will endeavor to ensure an adequate supply of vodka and caviar for next year.


Thank You

Millie Grazie to everyone who attended. This year was a great success! We had over 30 sign-ups and 90+ games played over the weekend. For details see the Results page.

Mark your calendars for 7-9 July 2023 for next year’s HUMAN WAVE!

Registrations by the Numbers


We are looking good for our ‘final approach’ for the tournament. As of this writing, here is the latest:

  • 32 Players registered
  • 10 Advanced Players
  • 15 Intermediate Players
  • 7 Starter Kit Players

Swag report:

  • 9 Glasses sold
  • 16 T-shirts sold

Time is running out to sign up!

Ten Days Away!


We are only 10 days away from the HUMAN WAVE, and Conscripts everywhere are anxiously rubbing their dice together in anticipation. Interest has been so high we’ve had to get some extra space to accommodate the new players, so there will be a lot of gaming going on!

The Logistics Committee has recently confirmed the game room layout with the hotel, see the floorplan.

Significantly we have finalized the Starter Kit scenario list. See the Scenario List page for details.


Hotel Room Discount Extended to 16 June


The hotel has graciously offered the room discount until Thursday 16 June. Stay on site and have more game time! Please contact the hotel directly at 703/790-0207 to make your reservation.

PS: in the tradition of ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’, contact us if you don’t get the right answer when making your reservation. If you’re late to pull the trigger, we may be able to help you out.

Situation Report

Friends, Romans, Conscripts and Fellow Travelers,

On behalf of the Planning Committee, I humbly submit the following report. By the numbers:

  • 25 registered players as of today (which means five slots remaining!)
    Of the 25 players:
  • Eight self-report as “Advanced” (meaning they win more than they lose).
  • Eleven self-report as “Intermediate” (meaning they win as much as they lose).
  • Five want to play Starter Kit
    … and naturally there’s always ‘that guy’ who didn’t complete the registration correctly, so we don’t know his rating.
  • Five players are traveling from outside the Baltimore/DC area to play and will be staying at the hotel.
  • Eight dice glasses sold.
  • Five weeks before the Tournament!

We have Sponsors!

On behalf of the DC Conscripts ASL Club, the Tournament Committee expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors of this year’s tournament. To learn more, visit our sponsors page.